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An average millionaire has 7 sources of income that constantly fuel up his bank account,how about 3 more sources of income to top it up?,where would you be?,how far can you be?,have you ever asked yourself  what if the monthly pay cheque hits the wall or delays?,what's going to happen?,your bills won't care about that,they'll be due anyway,how about increasing 9 more sources of income on top of your pay cheque?,let me show you the 10 sources.

1.Profit on retail:-

Not everybody is a sales person but if you don't sell,you'll be sold for,got that?,millionaires sell what they've got as products to build their empires.
In forever living,we don't sell,we recommend our products and who ever wants a delivery has to buy from us ,we always recommend because its the nature of the business to:-
(a). Use the products
(b). Share the product plus the opportunity here https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke
(c).Build a team of business owners :- Worldwide,but you need at least 5 (I know you've got 100+ friends)
(d). Coach and train and live a lifestyle

As an FBO (Forever Business Owner),you can earn 30-43% as profits on retail,such a huge margin right?,traditionally,for a product to reach the consumer,it has to go through The FACTORY,the DISTRIBUTOR,the WHOLESELLER,the RETAILER then finally the CONSUMER.
so as you go shopping,you purchase the product and pay everyone along the chain but nobody pays you ,but FOREVER comes in and put you in the place of all those and calls you a FOREVER BUSINESS OWNER and let you enjoy the 30-43% profit.

2. Personal Bonus:-
As an F.B.O (Forever Business Owner),you're now a business person who know how to make money,and by partnering with the Forever Company,you'll be able to get a personal bonus of 5-18% depending on the level you are in the marketing plan,so you'll never go home bare hands if you're an  ACTION taker

3.New Sign-up incentive:-
How many friends do you have?,I know you're already thinking of your classmate,your workmate,of cause not your boss,take a look around for a moment,..................see,you've thought about over a hundred.
Forever tells you that come and partner with us for FREE here https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke
place your pack order for only $481 share the products with your dear ones and for every person whom you'll show the business,it's going to pay you $99,how about that?
How many people would you love to change their lives today?

Don't worry about where am I going to get the pack,we are in over 160 countries around the world and all you've gotta do is START NOW here https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke

4.Group Bonus:-
After you decide to partner with Forever and you went ahead and showed your friends and relatives the same idea,you'll now be appreciated and as the company pays your friends and relatives,it pays you too.
5.Royalty Income/Leadership Bonus:-
This is my favourite part in the business plan,this is where the company acknowledges to appreciate you FOREVER,and as a result,you can pass over this business to your lineage,in short,IT'S INHERITABLE,your kids and grandchildren will never be like you and to get it done,you only need to start here https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke
We have 2 major levels in the business,Assistant supervisor level (Where you start) and the Manager level (Where life starts),am not saying that before you be a Manager you'll not earn,NO,you will,you'll earn an average of  $90 - $990 per month in 3 months where you'll be expected that you already have a team of 15 - 20 direct business partners.
At the manager lever,your average minimum bonus will be $1,485 per month and you can strive to create more and more managers on your team.

Let's take a simple example here:-
You are already a manager,taking home $1,485 per month
Your sister Rose with whom you showed the business is also a manager taking home $1,485 p.m
Lucia her friend is also a manager taking home $1,485 p.m,you don.t  know Lucia
Lucia's uncle Gordon is also a manager taking home $1,485 p.m

The company will pay you as a leader of the whole team by:-
6% of Rose's work say $1,069
3% of Lucia's work say $534
2% of Gordon's work say $356
At the end of the day,you get:-
Rose's team....$1,069
Lucia's team...$534
Gordon's team.$356
Total...............$3,444 per month
How about if you had only 5 lines???,this jus one line.
Please note that the 3 will get just what they worked for,their figures are used just for calculations.

6.Gem Bonuses:-
After a distributor becomes a recognized manager,he should support various downlines to achieve  active recognized manager,this comes once they have developed a downline manager and may qualify to receive a leadership bonus.
If you have active 9 1st generation manager for 1 month,you get 1% team bonus.
                             17  1st generation manager for 1 month,you get 2% team bonus.
                              25  1st generation manager for 1 month,you get 3% team bonus.
These percentages are in terms of millions,not thousands,so don't undermine them :-)
7.Additional Incentives:-
These are normally provided by the regional offices to entice the FBO's to work forward to attain their dreams and it starts by maintaining 4Cc.

8.Forever to drive:-
After starting the business and attaining the manager position in POSSIBLE 3 months,The company gives you $792,$594 and $396 per month for 36 months to buy a car,remember you've got a team and you need to take care of them on time,this money is not a loan,you can choose what you wanna do with it

9.Chairman's Bonus:-
Forever has diversified and each year it makes profits out of its ranches,ships,executive hotels,real estates,ranches and many more,it gives the excess to the distributors.
All you need to do to get it is start now at https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke

Every year,Forever gives out 3 tickets,2 international,1 local,all expenses paid for plus the shopping money given of between $100- $3,000,you can travel with anybody above 14yrs of age.

The 10 sources are available to anyone who's open minded and is ready to grow,

https://www.ultimateachievers.co.ke now


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